Last Year over 225 Million People Spent over $9 Billion!
...On What???

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From: Scott Paton

Dear Friend,

Everything moves so fast online that something you do yesterday is out-dated today.

My job is make sure that while the information may become out-dated, you don't!

In the video above I mentioned how many downloads iTunes has. Well, the one Billion downloads is only out by FOUR Billion!

Yep, iTunes has had over 5 Billion digital downloads.

Apple has sold over 175 million iPods and over 50 million iPhones. That's 225 million sales of over Nine Billion Dollars.

Their newest iPod, The iPod Touch, connects to the Internet.

Before your eyes, a whole new way to communicate with your prospects is opening as we speak. It is every bit as revolutionary as web sites and email were 14 years ago.

And I remember the questions, I was asked 15 years ago when no one knew what the Internet was: "Can you make money with a web site?" "How do you make sales with email?"

Those question don't get asked anymore and the one about Podcasting: "How do you make money Podcasting?" will be answered in a few paragraphs...

But first...

The incredible thing about podcasting is that you don't even need to have a website or any products to sell to make a pile of dough!

If you have the ability to speak and press the record button, then you have an incredible opportunity in front of you to make some serious cash doing something that is both fun and easy.

If you talk passionately, then you can make money with your very own podcast.

But if you're still not exactly sure what a podcast is, let me explain what it is and give you a glimpse into why you should even bother considering starting your own podcast to earn a very lucrative income.

For starters, podcasting is simply audio shared over the Internet.

It's like having your very own radio or TV show with listeners and viewers all over the globe. The unique thing about podcasts is that you don't need a radio and you don't have to listen to it on your computer.

It has gone mobile with the help of a little software called iTunes and some hardware called iPhone.

The beauty of the podcast is that you can listen to what you want, when you want, where you want.

Since you can download them to your iPod, iPhone or your mp3 player you're able to take and share your podcasts to the farthest corners of the planet. There's never been an opportunity that is this accessible to so many people.

And Apple makes it even easier with their newest iPod...


The new iPod Touch advanced technologies enable it to respond to both touch and movement. It also finds wireless networks and connects you to the Internet - wirelessly!

Think about this for a minute... it's very important.

You could be on a beach, walking the dog, commuting to work and all the while listening to the latest information on whatever topic you want -- FREE!

And if you can, hundreds of millions of other people can, too.

Imagine you are a Golf pro. You record your podcast and send it out. Instantly, it is downloaded to your coaching client's iPod or iPhone.

They listen to your Golf tips and then call you to book a lesson.

Do you really think anything you write on your blog, email, web site, Twitter, Facebook, etc. can match the enthusiasm that run thru your VOICE?

Of course, it can't.

But before now, you had no choice.

All the auditory learners in the world, all 38% of us, were forced to read. Well, no more!

And what's more, Podcasting is...


My info marketing buddies cringe when I say that. 'Scott', they tell me, 'if you tell everyone it is easy, no one will want what you have to offer..'

Well, my mission is to put a Podcaster in every business, home and school in the world. And if all that happens is you check out Podcasting and spend the next 6 months figuring it out on your own, I say "Good on ya!"

But if you nat to shorten the learning curve and learn the best ways to set up your podcast for maximum growth, read on. But before we get to that. Let's answer the number one question: Can You...


Let's take a look at a few thought leaders like this one have to say...

Tellman uses his Podcast to cement his position as an expert in his field.

And it works big time for him.

The proof is in the pudding, this technology started with a bang and is still growing today... and there are still no signs of it slowing down any time soon.

If you learn how to embrace this trend now and ride the wave, it's almost impossible not make good money.

Just take a moment to imagine where would you be right now, if you had your own radio show and thousands of loyal listeners just a few months from today? Do you think your life would look any different?

That's what Tim Knox did...

So if you like the idea of getting in on this hot new trend and profiting from it, but you don't know what you need to do to make it work, then I have good news for you. You don't have to try to take advantage of this opportunity blindly...

More on that in a sec... but first...

You don't even have to prolific! Your podcasts, unlike email, stay 'Live' online forever. And new people find you all the time, listen and buy!

Stephan is so into this that he has spoken at every Podcast Bootcamp that I have put on. I can't keep him away!

This is important. Podcasting is for every Niche online, not just for coaches or Internet Marketers (although their podcasts are rocking!)

Here's another example...

And it gets better...

More and more of my Internet Marketing buddies are starting to see the light.

But, it's begun to be a bit too much for me and I'm starting to run short on time. I've come to realize that there's only so many people I can help 1-on-1 in a 24 hour period.

I've even had to turn a few of my friends away until I found the time to answer their questions. So, I've finally figured out how I could share my expertise with more than one person at a time... and I've also found a way to help you too!

First of all, you should know that I have traveled the world, teaching entrepreneurs how to podcast.

In fact, more than one highly regarded Internet Marketing training company has recorded me and sold a course based on my programs.

I have had people come up to me out of nowhere and tell me how their lives were profoundly changed by the information I shared with them.

I want you to be one of those people!

But don't take my word for it. Check out what people who have heard me speak in the UK had to say:

"...extremely switched on!"

I have to say that the speech you gave about blog feeds, RSS feeds and Podcasting on the 3rd December in London was well worth the wait and it was something I was looking forward to all day.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the seminar agenda. About a month ago, I set up a blog on the site.

Thanks to you Scott, I now know what I thought was true so once again I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Keep up the good work and I shall be looking at what other things you do in the future as I think you are extremely switched on and I'd like to learn more from you.

Tony Antoniou
London, UK

"...literally changed my life!"

Hi Scott

As I said to you earlier today, your talk has quite literally changed my life.

I'm going to apply it to my offline business and if your techniques work as I expect them to, I should be ranked in the top 4 on for what I do.

Your talk completely blew my mind as I knew absolutely nothing about how to use blogging to influence the search engines.

I'll keep you updated with how I get on. You asked me to leave you a testimonial - where would you like me to do this?

Philip de Liste
London, UK

Now I don't just teach Podcasting. I podcast.

I have a lot of Podcasts that I host or co-host weekly. Some are on Internet Marketing, some are health related. Others are training related.

Do a search in iTunes for Scott Paton and you will find them.

First, let me emphatically state that this is NOT about me... it's about YOU. But... If you'll allow me to join you at the beginning it makes life a lot easier for both of us...

Consider this:

One of my strengths is my curiosity. So I am not an expert in everything. No one is. But I can find people who know more than me and ask them questions, hold conversations with them and learn interesting things.

One podcast that I co-host is The Mind Mastery podcast with Dov Baron.

Let's look at some stats for our Podcast:

Aside from mentioning it on his blog, Dov has done very little to promote the podcast, so all the traffic came from iTunes.

Wouldn't you like to have an extra 27,000 people checking out what you have to say? Believe me, Dov's events are packed!

That's the coolest part of podcasting, it brings you tons of auditory learners. So where are they?

Good question. Check out this map...

As you can see, the majority of listeners are in North America, but Europe and Australia are coming on. Speaking of Australia.

Here's what some of my friends in Australia have to say...

"...Blow Your Mind Information!"



Talk about about blow your mind information. I hope everyone realizes what we received Saturday night.

Basically, a 3 month head start on the competition.

Bottom line use or lose!!!

Thanks Scott

Sydney, NSW, Australia

"...Some Excellent Ammunition!"

Hi Scott,

Thanks so much for the clear concise summary of blogging and podcasting.

I had previously heard of your high qualifications and can understand why. (What university was it?)

I have been podcasting for a few months and specifically aiming it at the business community so your information gave me some excellent extra ammunition.

In Australia, most people (except the ABC!) and a few others are still asleep on it but they will wake soon, I think.

All the best for the beach

Paul Buckingham
Dee Why, NSW, Australia


Another podcast, I co-host is an Alternative Health Podcast. We tend to be a little controversial. And shoot from the hip.

Let's take a look at its stats over the past year...

His business has doubled in volume from low 5 figures a month to high five figures a month since we started podcasting. Plus his phone never stops ringing...

And as you'd expect the majority of listeners are in North America.

But I often see downloads in various places in Asia, Australia and Europe.

Up next. What Americans and Canadians have to say...

"...made the entire trip from
Spokane worthwhile!

Thanks, Scott, for the incredible presentation tonight.

It literally made the entire trip from Spokane worthwhile for me...

I learned a few things I'm doing wrong with our blogs, and I can fix those very quickly.... and I already have some MP3's "in the can" that I'll set up when I get home.

Frank Sousa
Spokane, WA

"...literally changed my life!"

Hi Scott,

I thought my mind was going to literally explode when I realized the impact that blogs and Podcasts have on ranking. The audience complete silence was a sign that we were all incredulous of the opportunity presented to us.

Violeta van Eyk

"...Like a Steamroller!"

Damn you anyway, Scott!

Here it is 03:00 am. I'm bone tired after sitting through every second of your seminar. But I'm wide awake and can't sleep. And wasn't the salmon mousse at dinner.

You've succeeded in helping me neatly arrange all my disjointed ideas into a plan of action. You presented your knowledge, skills and experience like a steamroller yesterday.

You filled in the potholes, flattened my excuses, paved over my stumbling stones and showed me the path towards building a smart business on the internet

It's exciting to peer into the future. Thanks for all your hard work, Scott. Thanks for the invitation to jump up on your shoulders and benefit from the successes you've built. 

I've been using Blogger to chronicle my commodity trading hobby for 3 years. In one day you taught me how to make it work as hard as I do. 

Richard Lees
Seattle, WA

"... Thanks for a Sleepless Night!"


Thanks for a sleepless night! Great presentation. You mixed great content, easy going humour and simmering immediacy.

And thanks to you I now have a blog....after bumbling through the registrations process and swearing early morning curses at the registration Bot.

They don't call this a Bootcamp for nothing eh?

Also the dinner was amazing last shows the caliber to which your organization aspires.

Colin Noden
Vancouver, BC


The most popular podcast that I co-host is Weight Loss and The Mind.

Number one in iTunes for Weight Loss consistently for 3 years now. It is a mainstay and a perfect example that you don't have to be the expert... cause I sure ain't!

Here's its one year stats...

And because of it, Shane's positioning as a Weight Loss Guru has been assured. It has spun off into a weekly radio show and got him countless speaking gigs and coaching clients. He is putting together DVD's, CD's, events and possibly a Reality TV show.

Not bad for talking 20 minutes a week...

And believe me if he can do it, so can you!

I took everything I know about podcasting and distilled it down to the meat of the nut, so to speak. I want you to Podcast starting now. So this ecourse has no fluff nor filler.

And if you ever met me you know, I give a ton of information in a short time, not a smidgen of information in an eternity...


When you claim your copy of Podcasting Unleashed, you will learn:

  • Exactly how to create your very first podcast quickly and easily -- from start to finish. You'll learn the inns and outs of podcasting and create your very own podcast on the spot! You'll be taken by the hand and walked step by step through the whole content creation process until you have your very first podcast completed and ready to share with the world!
  • The insider secrets of exactly what you should be saying in your podcasts to pique your listener's interest.
  • Blockbuster content creation methods that will drive your listeners wild! Plus you'll learn how to say what you need to say in your podcasts to get your message through to your listeners without a hitch!
  • Discover the best way to begin every episode to ensure that your listeners stay interested till the very end.
  • How to finish each episode so your listeners just can't wait for the next one!
  • Accelerated podcast creation shortcuts. You'll learn the inns and outs of how to create a first class podcast from start to finish in record time!
  • Studio quality recording tricks from your computer that help you to create professional sounding podcasts using free mp3 creation software.
  • Mouthwatering podcast naming techniques that will catch your listener's attention. You'll learn how to give your podcasts the best titles to attract the most interest and generate even more business and profit!
  • Advanced podcast matching techniques that will show you which keywords you'll want to use in your podcast titles to attract even more attention.
  • How to write a killer description that will peak your listener's interest and make your podcasts irresistible to overlook. With the right description your podcasts will be like honey to bears.
  • A little album art secret that can drive even more traffic back to your website.
  • The secret to dominating your market using iTunes. The amount of free traffic that iTunes is willing to give you for free is staggering! Follow these steps and you'll be sure to flood your site with fresh, free, laser-targeted traffic from your podcasts!
  • You'll get a first hand look at a wildly successful podcast campaign that has already attracted over 70, 000 listeners worldwide and you'll get access to the proven system that was used to launch this campaign.
  • How to start turning your podcast into a money making podcasting machine! It'll be like flipping a "money switch" that allows the cash to flow into your bank account!
  • The key to generating huge floods of traffic to any website you desire with your podcasts and what to do with your new visitors once they hit your site to have them opening up their wallets to you.
  • Advanced profit strategies for generating even more revenue from your podcast. These strategies and techniques can turn an average podcast revenue into a phenomenal income stream... practically overnight!
  • The secret to profiting from third party advertising and how to maximize your income. If you're advertising in your Podcast make sure you're not making these mistakes to ensure that you're not losing money!
  • Time tested methods for selling your products and services through your podcasts in a way that your listeners will actually approve of. If you know what a warm lead is, then get ready for some that are smoking hot!
  • Discover how to get sponsorships for your podcasts so you don't have to worry about spending your own money. Not only can you make money once your podcast is complete, you can even get paid to create them.
  • The essential "backend strategies" that will allow you to squeeze even more profits out of your podcasts!
  • Breakthrough techniques that allow you to come up with hot new ideas that can allow you to create brand new podcasts any time you want.
  • What simple software program you need to plug into to reach your target markets with your new podcast all for free... and exactly how to use it properly to ensure your success!
  • What the term narrowcasting means and why it could make you a fortune over the old fashioned broadcasting idea.
  • How to tap into the millions of iTunes users and allow them to pay you just for speaking. It's never been easier to make money like this ever before.
  • Generate tons of qualified traffic for your website and get paid to do it at the same time.
  • Tips and tricks that can help create a ton of interest in your products and services through your podcast making it much easier to sell to your visitors once they land on your site.
  • What you need to know about podcasting that could literally make or break your business.
  • How to use your voice to convey your message clearly and effectively so your listeners want to keep listening. By making a few adjustments to the way you speak to your audience, you can become an instant online superstar!
  • How to dominate your niche market by using your podcast to sneak by your competition while they're left standing scratching their heads wondering how you just bypassed them!
  • The tools that allow you to tap into one of the world's most voracious markets and how to get them working for you!
  • What programs should you use to
  • How to make a killing right now before the podcast rush really gets smoking hot!
  • and you'll find out why Podcasting is the fastest, easiest route to your prospects' wallet..

Once you download Podcasting Unleashed, there is be nothing left out. You will learn every trick, tip and secret available to you so you can start ripping into your very own podcast and begin mining it for all it's worth immediately!

I want to make sure you have everything you need to immediately guarantee the success of your Podcasting efforts.

So if you're one of the first 250 people to claim Podcasting Unleashed as part of my special re-launch celebration offer, I'll also throw in these 6 super bonuses, valued at $477 -- but yours FREE to keep, no matter what you decide:

Super Bonus #1:
Putting Your Best Voice Forward!
(Value $188)

Recently I grilled Jesai Jahymes on how you can use the inherent power of your voice to instantly create rapport with your listeners. Your voice is the most powerful tool of communication you have.

And it is especially important if you want your Podcast to stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

I was relentless. I asked Jesai all the hard questions. Jesai works with some of the top speakers in Internet Marketing. He is their "Secret Weapon". He held nothing back.

Jesai Jahymes is an actor, director, and dedicated teacher, who has guided many people towards realizing their potential through voice and presentation training.

Jesai has also taught at Yale University, the Banff Centre for the Arts, and at Simon Fraser University.

He appears in film and TV and has performed in Europe, Australia, Japan, and the US.

Take a look at some of the proven "Power Voice" secrets, Jesai revealed...

checkThe Number One blunder, novice - and experienced - Podcasters make... turns listeners off like crazy, and how to avoid it.

check7 ways to make your listeners hang on your every word and keep them listening.

check4 keys to turning an interview with an expert into a Worldwide Event.

checkThe one breathing exercise everyone should do before"Going on the Air". This one tip alone will improve your performance 168%.

One-on-one coaching sessions with Jesai cost upwards of $300 per hour.

"Who knew that public speaking could have such a direct correlation to my bottom line profits! The strategies you taught me helped me create record results.

"Anyone in business MUST have these strategies whether they speak to groups of 3 or 3,000.”

Don R. Campbell ,
Real Estate Investor

“It is a unique approach to speaking that helps you to project heart and soul into your presentations. I recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to be a more dynamic speaker!”

Deborah Jones , President, Well-Advised Consulting Inc.
Chair and Founder, Health, Work & Wellness Conference

Can you use podcasting to turn Everyday into Saturday? One man did...

Super Bonus #2:
Make Everyday Saturday!
(Value $67)

Sam Crowley, speaker, coach, and author of You Are A Champion: Demolish Fear and Defend Your Dream, left his 6-figure corporate job to work from home as an entrepreneur.

He helps others dream big and uncover the Champion within at, Every Day is

You'll discover why every day should be Saturday, why the corporate executive job isn't always the holy grail, whether to fulfill your goals for others or follow our hearts, where to find the courage to make the leap you feel you should, why we hang around people who bring us down, how hard you should work, and more!


checkHow Sam grew his Podcast from zero listeners to over 30,000

checkSam's strategies for leveraging his Podcast audience into coaching clients

checkHow Sam's membership site exploded to 1000's of avid followers thanks to his motivational Podcast

checkSam's plan to hold Live Events because of the pent-up demand created by his inspiring Podcast.

checkAnd much more!

"Thank you so much for stepping up to the plate and sticking to your vision.

"Now you are a shining example to others to do the same thing. Anyway, I want you to know that you have made a tremendous difference in my life, and in the lives of all the people who were there with us as well.

"I think you have probably impacted our culture forever, as we all continue to address each other as CHAMPION!!

"I can't thank you enough, Sam."

Grand Rapids, MI

But it gets better...

Super Bonus #3:
Interview Profit Secrets!
(Value $98)

If you want to be a top Podcaster, your interview skills need to be razor sharp.

And there is no one I know who is better at interviewing that Heather Vale Goss. She has grilled a literal 'Who's Who' of Internet Marketing, like...

Tim Knox - Multiple Streams of Online Income
Yanik Silver - Info-Product Creation and Public Domain Profits
Rosalind Gardner - Becoming a Super Affiliate
Jay Conrad Levinson - Guerrilla Marketing for Big Success on a Small Budget
Willie Crawford - Profiting from Targeted Niche Sites
Mike Filsaime - Viral Marketing to Create a Buzz and Generate Free Traffic
Ben Mack - Thinking Two Sales Ahead for Bigger Profits
Perry Marshall - Pay Per Click Marketing for Targeted Traffic
Jeff Walker - Product Launch Secrets for High Impact and Big Profit and
Scott Paton - Blogging and Podcasting for SEO and Positioning

Now the tables are turned as I ask the tough questions and she supplies the answers based on her 15 years of interviewing experts.

Here's what you'll learn from Heather:

checkHow to get the best interview... every time!

checkIntroverts versus extroverts

checkWhy you should never, ever have a preset list of canned questions to ask

checkHow to use transition questions to keep your interview interesting

checkAnd a lot more!

Heather's podcast, Internet Marketing Unwrapped, is must listening to any entrepreneur who wants to explode their online businesses.

"Heather is the first interviewer to have ever caught me off guard. She has a razor sharp mind and a demeanor that could make her the next Barbara Walters."

Mark Joyner,
#1 Best-Selling Author of "The Great Formula"

And one more thing...


Super Bonus #6:
One Year of Updates
(Value: $198)

Changes in RSS and Podcasts are happening at breakneck speed. Podcasts, Audio and Video Blogs (Vidcasting) are exploding all over the Internet.

Keep up-to-date and light years ahead of your competition.

Not only will I keep you updated with revisions to your ebook whenever major changes occur, we will sit down together in a Webinar or Teleseminar are discuss the ramifications, and how you can use the change to grow your business even faster!


There's only one of me!

I stand behind Podcasting Unleashed 100%. But I can't work miracles. If you don't take action, start talking and promoting your podcast, there's not much chance of getting the results you deserve.

But if you have made it this far, I figure you are an action taker and you won't let anything stop you from achieving your dreams.

And for action-takers, I have a special deal today. With Podcasting Unleashed, the only limit is your imagination.

And the best part is, the investment to get started works out to literally a Starbucks coffee a day... just $37.

That's right -- just $37 for your own world-wide TV or Radio show -- and not just any old show -- one that beams directly into your audience's laptop, iPod or iPhone! Prepare to easily expand your business in ways you never dreamt of!

Plus over $450 worth of exclusive bonuses...

AND -- I'm so confident that this will boost your business to the next level, if you apply the techniques and secrets I reveal, that I am willing to take EVERY ounce of risk with my...

I used to have people who helped me write copy

If you’re serious about taking advantage of your 'first-mover' position, then you owe it to yourself to get started right away as there's ZERO risk to you. My guarantee speaks for itself... you TRULY have nothing to lose, and a potentially life changing world to gain!

Here's th eBottom Line

As you can see, this is not information you want available to your competition.

If you want in on this, you'd better act now. But before I let you have it, I must give you a final warning, "This Is Not For Everybody."

If you're just not ready to put a 'little' effort into your podcasts, like talk for 10 minutes once a week... then this is NOT for you. You see, what you're getting here is a ground floor opportunity to dominate your market quickly and easily by positioning yourself in front of a huge, desperate mob of people who like to listen and watch, but have no one talking to them.

Until you came along....

This is the REAL deal. If you can't handle doing some work in the beginning (like planning your shows and talking intelligently)... then I understand and no hard feelings. But... if you're ready for it... if you're ready to tap into a massive hungry, ignored market, if you are TRULY ready to succeed with the answers to their problems.

Then the first step towards success is to take decisive action...


YES! I want to make serious money from the Massive Shift occurring in the mobile phone industry and on the Internet.

Send me the easy-to-follow special ebook "Podcasting Unleashed" now!

Also include my special bonuses from leading Podcast experts!

I understand that by ordering today I receive this entire package valued at hundreds of dollars for just $37! Charge my credit card $37.00 plus ZERO S&H........$37.00

All charges processed in US dollars.


It does not matter what time of day or night it is -- Podcasting Unleashed is available by instant download, so you get INSTANT access, within seconds of ordering.

In case you're wondering, I've decided to make this a downloadable product as opposed to something you get in the mail for 3 reasons:

1: It saves you hundreds of dollars as you don't have to pay for all those fancy cds, labels, covers, reams of paper and shipping. Sure, I could easily do all that and charge you $500 or more like some other guys do for their "nuts and bolts" only packages. But I won't.

2: You get this valuable information immediately. Right now. In seconds.

3: Nobody (including me) ever sees your credit card or PayPal account so your personal info is kept strictly confidential.

You can claim your program right now and actually start implementing money-making Podcasting Strategies within TEN MINUTEs! This is your chance to be first in your field and bring thousands of ignored listeners valuable content and information is here and now --

Will you take it?

To Your Success,

Scott Paton

PS - Remember, the results from Podcasting that I have shown you are nothing short of spectacular. Averaging 15,000 to 27,000 listeners annually, without any real advertising push? Imagine how you business woudl change if you had even 10,000 new fans excited about your offers.

And you never had to pay a penny to get them!

AND - don't forget the astonishing guarantee. You have 8 weeks to test-drive Podcasting Unleashed. Unhappy with it? Get a FULL refund, and I will even let you keep the product free. There is absolutely no reason to pass this up.

P.P.S. If you don't get on the podcast boat right now, you might miss your chance to cash in on the biggest change to hit the Internet since email. Right now is the time when the most fortunes will be created through podcasting. So if you want to start earning tons from podcasts right now, I urge you to claim your spot today!

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